god damn good enough

I'm gonna be something. I'm gonna be something huge. I just don't know what yet. I might be a singer. I might be a god damn good singer. I might be an actress. A god damn good actress. I might be on broadway or london theatre. i might be a writer. A god damn good writer. i might be a songwriter. i might be an editor. i might be a blogger. i might be a politician. i might be a doctor. i might be travellin' with doctors without borders. i might be saving lives. i might be a tv-reporter. i might be good at it. i might be a tv-producer. i might not be good at it. i might be a photographer. i might be terrible. i might be ordinary. i might be perfect.

I'll be a traveller. i'll be a dreamer. i'll be a believer. i'll be a woman. i'll be a fighter. i'll be something good too the world. i'll be proud of myself. i'll always believe in myself and my dreams. i'll always be positive. i'll always be hopefull. I might not always be realistic. i might be naive. i'll always be a lover. i'll always be a friend. i'll always be a daughter. i'll always be remembering. i'll be forgetting. i'll always do my best. i'll always care. i'll always be a sister. i'll always be smart. i'll be an artist. i'll be a learner. i'll always be emotional. i'll always be an romantic. i'll always be a person with a past. i'll always be a thinker. i'll always have scars. i'll have courage.
i'll always be a professional singer in the shower. i'll always be the best writer there is in my diary. i'll always be a photographer at my blog. i'll always be saving lives in my dreams. i'll always be a winner. i'll always be the leading lady in my own life and i'll never let anyone make me think i'm less.

i'll always be enough. god damn good enough.

- Veronica 


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